Hard Line Clamp Builder Kit


The NotcHead Hard Line Clamp Builder Kit is the easy way to have everything you need for your project in one box.

This kit includes 56 Clips, the nuts, fasteners, and Self drilling screws that go to them.

18 of 3/16″, 10 of 1/4″, 18 of 3/8″, and 10 of 1/2″


Quick, Safe and Professional

Centered set screw means you drill and tap holes right where you want your line to go. Lines easily ‘snap in’ with a push of your finger and eliminate the need for Z-bends to adjust for fittings.

Made from high strength Copolymer Acetal plastic, NotcHead Line Clamps are heat-resistant with a melting point of 330° F, have low moisture sensitivity, are very wear resistant and easy on painted parts.

After the line is installed, the set screw is completely hidden, giving a clean, elegant look.

Additional information
Weight 5 lbs


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