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  • Employment Opportunities
  • HHRS is currently loaded with a shop full of awesome projects and looking for a few super talented individuals that can work good together as a team and get things done.
  • HHRS is currently looking for an experienced restoration fabricator with extensive TIG welding and metal finishing experience. MIG welding experience also required. Must also be familiar with fitting aftermarket sheet metal parts.
  • HHRS is also looking for a multi talented electrician with basic Holley EFI knowledge. Holley certification not required, but good experience with knowledge and tuning skills are required and have a good reputation as a tuner.
  • 3-5 years professional experience required for each position.
  • Must have own tools AND a welding helmet.
  • Hourly wages will follow industry standards, but will also be based on talent, experience, passion, vision, being able to trouble shoot and think on their feet, showing up on time, have good communication skills, putting in a good honest days work and for being responsible on the work that is performed.
  • Excellent wage earnings if qualified.
  • Personal health insurance will be looked into as part of the wage package after a 60 day grace period, and will be based on affordability.
  • Paid holidays and limited vacation time will applied after a 60 day grace period.
  • Special sign on incentive bonuses offered.
  • Overtime will be offered based per project timelines when needed.
  • 4 – 1ohr work days
  • 3 day weekends every week!
  • 1 week evaluation period before permanent employment.
  • Please fill out the questionnaire below along with a detailed resume and along with pictures of your work, your work history, etc., by using the browse file attachment link (you can also send your resume and picture to dan@holohanshotrods.com) The more info you can share about yourself the better. Please include references from current or prior employers. References from friends and family will not be considered.
  • These are not entry level positions and currently not taking on any apprentices at this time.
  • Race car experience is appreciated, but does not apply, I build hotrods here, not race cars.
  • All resumes will be reviewed within 1 week after submission.
  • Please, do not call regarding these job openings prior to filling out the online job app and sending in a resume.











Please include current employer shop name, conact info and reasoning for wanting to move on.
Please include name, email or phone, and relationship
If yes, please share what you would like to recieve as a sign on bonus
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