Employment Opportunities – Now Hiring

  • Employment Opportunities
  • HHRS is currently loaded with a shop full of awesome projects and looking for a few super talented individuals that can work good together as a team and get things done.
  • Must be passionate about their craft, be able to think on their feet, trouble shoot and make things happen in an time efficient manner.
  • Not looking for egos, competition between employees, wanna be TV stars, Instagram or Facebook heroes.
  • Wages will be based on talent, experience, showing up on time, putting in a good honest days work and being responsible for the work that is performed.
  • Please fill out the questionnaire below and feel free to attach any additional pics, etc. by using the browse file attachment link. The more info you can share the better.











PLease share any reasons of wanting to move on
Please include name, email or phone, and relationship
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