“My mother in law in Atlanta owns a 1932 Ford Coupe and she lets me borrow it and bring it up to Charlotte. The car was originally rebuilt up in Pennsylvania, but since moving to Atlanta in 2009, she really hasn’t had a reliable professional to work on the car.

Recently I experienced some engine problems in Charlotte. So I started to look for someone local to work on the car. I explored several options until I emailed Dan. Dan invited me to his shop so I could see e quality of work; we weren’t going to trust anyone with this car.

You see, this car was my father in laws dream car. He bought it in 1972 and worked on it when he could. When he became diagnosed with Lewy Body Dimensia the work stopped. A friend of his finished the car before he died, so obviously the ’32 Ford has a special place in our family.

Dan did more than fix the engine problem. He suggested areas of concern and made enhancement suggestion. There was no push and we decided what to do and what not to do. Dan kept us constantly in the loop with emails and pictures of his progress. He was always prompt and treated us with nothing but respect. When he had specific questions he would invite me into his shop, drag me under the car and explain what was going on, and let me decide what we wanted to do.

When it was all said and done we drove away with a car that rode better than it ever had. Dan definitely is great at what he does, with perfection as his goal. My mother in law got a hug from Dan and we now have a new shop to take care of our pride and joy.”

- Scott

“A couple of years ago I brought down my subframe and headers, out of my 69′ Camaro, down to Dan for some repair and suspension upgrades, then a year later I brought him the car itself for more work.

Dan installed a complete Ridetech level 2 suspension on my 69 Camaro, along with many other repairs, including fuel tank work, sub-frame connectors, floor repair, new trunk floor, painted and bedlined underbelly, and numerous other detail work, and his work has been second to none.

After putting 500 miles on the car I have not had the first issue with any of the work he performed. I love the car and it is everything that I hoped it would be. It has been comforting to know that the work he performed is quality work and you do not have to worry about something going wrong. The best part of my dealings with Dan has been his honesty and knowing you are dealing with someone you can trust.”

- Richard Meadows / 69' Camaro owner

“If it were easy, everybody would be doing it!” a metal man once told me…………But it’s not easy,, and that is the reason you need HHRS for any fabrication needs.
Dan is an “artisan” when it comes to forming and working metal, not just a fabricator. He sees what others cannot & creates incredible end results in the fabrication process.

If you have a project that needs acute attention to detail, Dan & Holohan’s Hot Rod Shop is the place.”

- Jon White / Owner of DateNite

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