1969 Mustang – Coupe to Fastback

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 Comments

1969 Mustang – Coupe to Fastback 1969 Mustang Grande Coupe Mach 1 Tribute Fastback Dynacorn conversion stock rebuilt engine & trans stock suspension 17″ stock appearing GT wheels & tires Paint work done by HHRS using Glasurit 90 Line & RM paint finishes Modified Raptor bedlined underbelly, rear wheel wells & inside of front fenders […]

1967 Nova – JR’s Chevy II

Friday, July 29th, 2016 Comments

1967 Nova – JR’s Chevy II 1967 Chevy Nova Chevy II Full body restoration Custom sheet metal work though out Subtle bumper work Modified Roadster Shop Fast Track Chassis by HHRS  to allow for body mounts and engine setback Modified DSE inner front fenders and bay bars by HHRS Custom floor with body mounts 325/19’s […]

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