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Team Killeen’s Build Book  is a serial publication that is designed to highlight today’s top professionally built vehicles by today’s top professional builders using quality parts. The entire Build Book Collection with 6 books total.

Build Book follows the build process “from Concept to Reality” of the featured vehicle in more depth and detail than any monthly magazine, and is designed to allow the professional parts and services manufacturers to highlight their products exclusively, along with in-depth information about the showcased product.




The Team Killeen Build Book Collection is a hybrid publication for the automotive industry. It is designed to highlight today’s top professionally built vehicles by today’s top professional builders using quality parts.

“When the idea of BUILD BOOK was conceived, the goal was to create a product that didn’t exist in publishing for the aftermarket car-building industry,” says Scott Killeen. “Because of the limited space in a magazine, the true heroes get the short end of the deal. I’m talking about the talented people behind the build that devote endless time, creativity, and hard work to produce that spectacular vehicle.”

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About Team Killeen

Team Killeen consists of the husband and wife team of Scott and BJ Killeen. Started in 2004, Team Killeen encompasses all photography, editorial, and broadcast work created by both Scott and BJ Killeen, either separately or together. Both partners specialize in the auto industry.

BJ Killeen, one of only a handful of female automotive journalists in the country, is well known in the industry. The former Road Test Editor of Motor Trend magazine, BJ now freelances for automotive websites such as,, and more. She currently is the co-host of The Drive with Alan Taylor, a nationally syndicated radio show.

Publisher/Photographer Scott Killeen is the mastermind behind Build Book. Before starting this venture with wife and automotive journalist BJ Killeen, Scott was the Director of Photography for Buckaroo Communications. He was responsible for photographing and overseeing the photographic content for over 10 enthusiast magazines, such as Hot Compact and Imports, American Rodder, Street Rod Builder, and many more.

As Team Killeen, Scott and BJ collaborate on automotive and lifestyle articles. Most notably: special inserts for Los Angeles Magazine, Car and Driver, and other well-known publications.

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