HHRS Job Opportunities !!!!!

Holohan’s Hot Rod Shop, located in Mooresville, NC is experiencing a rapid growth of work, and looking for experienced employees!!!

  •   We are looking to bring on qualified individuals, with a minimum of 5  years of sheet metal restoration experience in the Hot Rod / Custom Car / Classic Car Restoration Industry.  Fabrication & Tig Welding skills are required. Applicant must be able to think on his or her feet, trouble shoot, offer ideas,  have a willingness to learn and have passion for his or her craft.  
  •  We are also looking to bring on an individual with strong Automotive Electrical and EFI Skills and Knowledge.  Light Fabrication & Tig Welding skills are not needed for this position, but very welcomed. A minimum of 3 – 5  years experience in the Hot Rod / Custom Car & Classic Car Restoration Industry is required. Race Car experience is appreciated, but does not apply to this position. Applicants must have experience in wiring a car from start to finish, have wire routing skills, etc. Please be honest and up front with your skills and experience when applying for this opportunity, integrity and good work ethics are appreciated.
  •  Also, we are looking for a good paint and body tech, with 5-10 years minimum of experience in the classic car auto restoration industry. Water Borne paint experience is required, along with a good vision for panel fitment and the use of, but not relying on, appropriate body filler materials as needed for each project. Past project pictures and references are required.
  • All positions require good work ethics, passion and vision for their craft, the ability to think on their feet, follow up on their own work, willingness to learn and take instruction as needed.
  • Good communication skills, being able to maintain a good positive attitude, show up for work as required and be willing to put forth on their own is essential.
  • Applicants must be willing to step out of his or her comfort zone and do other tasks as needed or required in order to complete a project.
  • All positions require to have their own personal hand tools.
  • Work benefits include: Industry standard, $20K – $70K per year pay scale, based on experience (may include overtime), 4/10 standard work week with available overtime when needed, Health benefits, Paid Holidays, Paid Vacation, Sick Days, yearly wage increase based on performance and year end bonus, also based on performance.
  •  All benefits are applied after 1 year employment from start date and not from day 1 of employment.
  • Full time starting wage and benefit package will be determined after a 2 week – 90 day grace period.

     If interested, please send in a detailed resume and a personal profile, along with personal references, before consideration and/or any response is given. All personal interviews will be scheduled upon review of resumes.

Please fill out our online app below, and attach resumes, personal profiles and professional referances using the provided link.

Also, please share with us your wage expectations, please be honest based on your experience level…


Please include name, email or phone, and relationship
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