HHRS Job Opportunities – Experienced Help Wanted!!!!!

Holohan’s Hot Rod Shop, located in Mooresville, NC is looking for experienced employees and have immediate openings for the following positions…

  • Fabricator/Tig welder with a minimum of 5 years of classic auto restoration experience.
  • Electrical Tech/ Mechanic with good wire management skills, 3-5 years of professional experience required
  • Paint and Body Tech with 5 years minimum hot rod & classic car experience.
  • Full time Custom Interior Designer/Fabricator/Installer with minimum 5 years experience in the hot rod/custom/classic car interiors/sound systems. This position is also open to any existing shops looking to relocate to the Mooresville area. Please use the contact us link if interested in shop relocation …..https://holohanshotrods.com/contact/
  •  Wage compensation revolve around current industry standards the reflect the passion for his or her craft, good work ethics, and a willingness to put in a good days work.
  • Candidate must be able to take instruction as needed, work well with others and maintain a well balanced work ethic.
  • 4/10’s is the standard work week with possible overtime @ time and a half as needed.
  • Paid holidays, Paid Vacation, 401K and optional personal health insurance offered.
  • Thinking about relocating? Mooresville, NC is approximate 25 north of Charlotte, 3 hours from Atlantic ocean beaches,  1 1/2 hours from the Blue Ridge Mountains and plenty of things to do in between.
  • 1 – 2 week job shadow is required before any position and wage is set and brought to full time status. Job shadowing wage will be based on North Carolina minimum wage.

      If interested, please fill out our online app and send in a detailed resume, your personal profile, photos of your past work, reliable references from your previous employers and please share with us what your starting wage expectations would be for filling any of the open positions. Please using the provided link below for filling out this info.

     All personal interviews and/or phone calls will be scheduled upon after review of resumes.





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